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 Filippos Vasileiou 

Date birth :15/09/86 

City :Athens 

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Filippos Vasileiou lives and works in Athens. He is a graduate of the Athens School of Fine Arts, where he specialized in plaster casting, copper casting, and fresco technique. In 2009-2010 he attended the UPV in Valencia, Spain taking courses in Art of Action and Performance. He is also a Karate teacher. He started karate at the age of 7. In 2002 he came first in the Greek National championship and since then he is a member of the Greek National Karate Team for over ten years gaining important honors. He has been trained also in other martial arts such as judo, taekwondo, nunchaku, jiu jitsu. He has achieved a 4 Dan H.K.F and I.S.O Federation and is a recognized teacher. His art focuses on the combination of visual and martial arts. He constructs cumbersome, absurd, complex machines and costumes which force the human body and mind to be trained through them. Filippos has participated in several exhibitions in Greece and abroad as artist and activist in public spaces, trying the limits of freedom and prohibition.

Exhibitions: Sosa /Photography as Performance,/Athens photo Festival/, Benaki Museum /2015 Chickenman /performance / Greece has Talent season 2 /Skai TV/2018 Saturation 2 /Excentricités Performance Festival /, Besançon , France/2014 Sheep bell / Le Petit Paris/ Finos Film/2013 Higgs /8th IUTA / Serres/2012 Reach beggar / Affordable Art Fair/ New York Video art & Installation/2013 No title / In between Festival, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation/2014 Public Performances: Holy 1/ Akropolis / Parthenon Virus pet / Kerameikos metro station Land Lover /Iera Odos Street/ Athens Espacios Ajenos /in collaboration with Nahikari and Begona Martin/ Guggenheim, Bilbao. Chickenman / Omonoia metro station 300 / Varvakeios Central Athens Market and Ermou street/ Athens The Empire of Passion / Tositsa Street, Exarcheia/ Athens ERFI Project / in collaboration with Erin Carrew/ Venice Biennale 2009

Direction: Gavala / ASFA / Concept: Filippos Vasileiou Performers: Epaminontas Damopoulos, Filippos Vasileiou Music Composition: George TEmiolakis /2012 Auto / Cube Theater / Concept: Filippos Vasileiou, Video Art : Fedonas Kialis, Music Composition: Athanasios Kleisiaris, Performer: Eleni Vasileiou/2017 Still human / Kassel ,Germany/ Concept: Filippos Vasileiou, Performer: James Sibouras /2018 Mporn /Michael Cacoyannis Foundation/ Concept : Filippos Vasileiou -So Crates Music Composition: Socrates , Shivon Diana, Performer: Filippos Vasileiou/2016 Mporn to be skoupidi /Comunitism/ Concept : Filippos Vasileiou -So Crates Music Composition: Socrates ,Shivon Diana, Performer: Filippos Vasileiou/ 2017

Scenography: It’s not about if you love me tomorrow 2 / Athens and Epidaurus Festival 2019/ Choreography and Performance : Androniki Marathaki, Design and creation of platform: Filippos Vasileiou, Music Composition: Labros Pigounis, Light Design: Nisos Vasilopoulos/2019 La fontaine / Choreography: Maro Marmarinou, Piano: Michael Papapetrou, Video - photography: Ilias Madouros, Light Design: Michael Kloukinas , Mask creation and Costumes: Filippos Vasileiou, Performer: Anastasia Kotsali, Mayra Milolidaki, Michael Psirras/2013.

As a Performer: Our Dances our Spaces/ Choreography: Kostas Tsioukas /Mir Festival , Pallas Cinema/2019 Hi jack/ Choreography: Androniki Marathaki / Onassis Cultural Center/ 2018 Alaska/ Zita Dance Company / Choreography: Iris Karayan/ Onassis Cultural Center/2016 Demarrage / Choreography: Epaminodas Damopoulos / «Scale #1:100»/ Contemporary Theater/2016 Detouchment / Luna Park Dance Company / Choreography: Kosmas Kosmopoulos / Koumoundourou Square/2012